About Us

Hello, we are Cedric, Naqeeb and David.  

We founded Worthing Ping United in December 2018 with two worn-out tables in an under-used community space at Sidney Walter Centre. We believe that table tennis can be a powerful tool to bring people together and transform local communities...so let's do it in Worthing! 

Our club is inspired by the Brighton Table Tennis Club where we all have close ties - we combine sporting development with a strong community spirit based on values of inclusion and diversity, reflected in our team.

Cedric is an elite coach from France, passionate about working with young people, who lives with his family in Worthing; Naqeeb is an award-winning young campaigner from Afghanistan, currently studying and living in Worthing; and David has a passion for community-building and social inclusion and also lives with his young family in Worthing. Oh, and we're all certified table tennis session coaches! 

We all love Worthing and want to bring table tennis to the whole local community. We're proud to have brought 'Ping! Worthing' to the town this summer so everyone can start enjoying playing table tennis in our local parks. We're rolling out more sessions this autumn 2019 so watch this space, we've only just got started!